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Below is a link to our video page from recent tournaments.   you can also go to or

We have3 different types.

3 Par 3 Air Cannon Launchers, 10 AR15 launchers and 2 Long Range Air Cannons.

Each one brings a different experience for the players.

I request that the tournament director and the golf course clubhouse manager both acknowledge that they have approved the use of the AR-15 golf ball launcher and are aware of the noise associated with it.

I will provide a Booking Agreement to be signed by the tournament coordinator.

Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Eastern Tennessee, Eastern Alabama, Select areas of Louisiana and other states by request.

Preferably a par 5 or par 4 hole with a straight line of sight out to around 400-yards and away from any homes if possible.

I bring a table, tent, chair, hole sign, and some small items to set up. I would also need access to a golf cart before and after the tournament to transport the items but otherwise I am pretty self sufficient during the tournament.

Yes, I take all safety precautions. The rifle is locked, ammunition is not live, I use blanks. Each player receives individual instructions from a trained professional before they handle the rifle.

Yes, absolutely!

We raise funds for numerous police municipality tournaments and have never been asked to leave any course by any police in any state.

Yes, the sound does carry a little distance.

The longer the lead time the better. April/May and September /October are very busy months and monday and fridays tend to booked early.
I prefer to have a 2 week notice for most tournaments. For any tournament requesting custom logo golf balls, a two week minimum lead from the time I receive the approved logo files.

Typically about 90% of registered players participate with a donation.

We have participated in over 1400 tournaments across 14 states.

Typical tournament (representative can request what ever amount the coordinator suggests)
$ 20 per player per shot
Players provide their own golf ball to launch
Players can donate cash or by credit card at the tee box.

Some tournaments will ask for $25 per shot or some ask for $100 per foursome. I leave this up to the tournament coordinator to decide on the donation.

Yes, I carry a $1 million dollar policy and can add the charity and/or the golf course on at no charge for the date of the event.