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About Charity Golf Guns

Since beginning in 2014, we have raised over $2.2 million for charities and participated in more than 1800 events.

Upgrade your next tournament by adding an unforgettable experience for every player!

to make your next golf event a memorable one! Your players will be talking about this one all day long!  It is completely safe, fun and an experience that all ages can participate in.

Our goal: To provide a new and exciting opportunity that will raise funds for your charity and provide a memorable experience that will help to secure players to come back to your tournament year after year.

Set up:
Par 3 Air Cannon
Par 3 ranging from 125 to 250 yards
Long Range Air
Cannon  Par 4 or 5 ranging from 200 to 800 yards
AR-15 Launcher Preferably a par 5 hole with a straight line of sight out to around 400-550 yards and away from any homes if possible.

We bring a table, tent, chair, hole sign, and some small items to set up and would need access to a golf cart before and after the tournament to transport the items but otherwise am pretty self sufficient during the tournament.

Collecting funds: A typical tournament would provide three options for collecting funds. The preferred method is to have a table at registration and encourage players to pre-purchase a ticket and pay for it when registering or purchasing their mulligans, drinks, etc. The alternative is to collect cash at the hole for players who have not pre-purchased a ticket. The third way is to collect credit card donations via “the Square” The cash and tickets are turned in after the final foursome fires away and the charged donations are subtracted from the appearance fee!

Documentation:  We request that the tournament director and the golf course clubhouse manager both acknowledge that they have approved of the use of the AR-15 golf ball launcher and are aware of the noise associated with it.

Liability Insurance: We carry a $1,000,000.00 liability policy for each event. A course and/or the organization can request a COI for the day of the event at NO CHARGE! I include this in the flat appearance fee.

Booking Agreement:  We require a prepaid Booking Agreement appearance fee at the time of booking. An appearance fee will be determined by a base fee + travel distance and anticipated expenses. A link will be sent to you via email at the completion of your inquiry.

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