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Sample Booking Agreement

This agreement is made on ________________between _________________________ and Charity Golf Guns LLC, represented in this matter by ____________________ acting as the golf tournament director/coordinator.

Charity Golf Guns LLC will provide a trained professional to appear at the aforementioned golf tournament above on the date of  ____________ and setup prior to tee off time and utilize 1 of the Charity Golf Guns to raise funds for this organization/charity.

A professional will remain until the final wrap up of the tournament takes place at which time a fee of ($—– Appearance fee) will be due payable to Charity Golf Guns LLC either by Cash, Check or credit card (5% fee added) Any Credit card charges or other payments made to Charity Golf Guns by a third party will be deducted from this fee.

In the event of a “rain out” in which the organization or the golf course chooses to cancel the event, Charity Golf Guns LLC will make every effort to reschedule accordingly but makes no guarantee in the event that another tournament was previously scheduled on the chosen “rain date”

The date and time of the tournament is: ___________ and tee off time is ________________

The tournament shall take place at: ______________________________________________

*The organization/charity shall be entitled to use the names, likenesses, and other promotional materials provided by Charity Golf Guns LLC for the purpose of promoting the tournament and attracting attendees or sponsors.

Tournament shall provide a golf cart for use in transporting and setting up and tearing down.


Director’s printed name, date
Director’s Signature, date
_________Curtis Burk___________________
Charity Golf Guns LLC printed name, date
Charity Golf Guns signature, date