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Par 3 Pong

We have recently purchased additional AiR 14 Cannons, these are virtually silent. It is not the same experience as the AR-15 but can reach from 150 yards up to 225 yards and played on a short or long par 3.

To add a new twist, if you choose this version, we would set up 5 or more empty “Beer Tubs” on the green of a par 3. Each tub will be labeled differently. “Ace”, “Eagle”, “Birdie”, “Par”, “Bogey” and if any players land in one of the tubs, they score accordingly to the lowest tub. If they land on the green, they will putt as normal.  This is brand new challenge that can only be used with the AiR 14 Cannon.

Great for courses that want a quiet alternative.



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